Whale Watching in San Diego

Many people know that one of the best places to watch the gray whale migration is on the coast of San Diego. The migration of the gray whale is one of the most amazing natural spectacles that you will ever see. One of the migratory points of the gray whale is actually the San Diego coastline as they are traveling down to Baja, California, where the females usually have their young.

Almost 26,000 gray whales make the journey to Baja from the Arctic and then back again every year. Amazingly the gray whale goes on a longer journey than any other mammal when migrating, traveling more than ten thousand miles every year.

Whether you are a young person or an older person, you are sure to enjoy watching these whales. It is an exciting moment when you first actually spot the first gray whale when you are on the coast. No one can help but to take a few minutes to stop and appreciate how amazing these animals are.

According to the Birch Aquarium that is located in San Diego, usually you will see the most gray whales between December and March. While usually they travel in pods of a dozen, at times you may see them in smaller pods as well while migrating. If you are on the coast of San Diego it is easy to spot the gray whales since they are large and swim fairly slowly.

While the whales are swimming, they usually will dive more than 100 feet and then come to the surface where they blow. Then you will probably see them do a couple more shallow dives before they do another deep dive. If you know this pattern when you are watching the whales you will be more successful while watching them and it will bring even more excitement and fun.

There are a variety of different places where you can watch whales, but one of the most amazing is on a cruise ship. Many cruises actually are held in San Diego and many of them offer great deals. Both Birch Aquarium and HM Landing offer cruises and they are exciting ways to get up close to see the beautiful and magnificent gray whales.

You can enjoy watching the gray whales from various places along the San Diego coast. Great places include the cliffs at the Torrey Pines State Beach, or even the Cabrillo National Monument on Point Loma. Both of these points are great places to view the migrating whales.

Whether you decide to watch from the coast or go on a cruise, watching the whales in San Diego is something you need to see. This is great for a vacation for family and friends alike. No doubt you will have an exciting time while whale watching and you can plan out your day and enjoy the beauty of the gray whale.