Luxury Traveling in the Beautiful Caribbean

If you are looking for a way to combine your earth-friendly values with a great luxury vacation, you may be interested in Tiamo. This is a resort that includes wooden cottages that are very simple while providing luxury as well. Tiamo is a resort that can be found on Andros Island, which is located in the Bahamas, and there is the beautiful ocean, plant life, and other natural life surrounding it. While many other resorts in the Caribbean are party oriented, Tiamo is an eco-friendly resort that provides simplistic luxury.

The Caribbean island of Andros is one of the lesser known islands, which is one of the reasons it is such an excellent destinations for travelers. There are only about eight thousand people living on this island, even though the island has 2,300 square miles of land. This is quite a place for a luxurious adventure.

While you may be thinking that this island is just like the rest of the destinations available in the Caribbean, this is not so. This island is the largest of the Bahamian islands and you will have plenty of room to enjoy yourself. On this island there are not many methods of transportation or even modern technologies like phones, so you can enjoy your vacation in total peace, away from the outside world.

Actually, the Andros island is a group of smaller islands that are very close together, which provides small creeks and rugged shores. This island is very different than any of the other Caribbean islands and it is quite undeveloped, which makes it perfect for a vacation full of eco-luxury. While it has been used for fishing lodges for some, and of course for the Tiamo resort, most of the time this island is totally bypassed.

The resort, Tiamo, is a very remote resort, and it is actually three miles away from the nearest civilization. When you are here you will be surrounded by beautiful orchids, luscious greenery, and some interesting animals as well. You can only get to this resort by boat and the entire resort relies on solar power for everything, including showers. With the ecological philosophy of this resort, it can offer you a vacation that will be the most relaxing one you have ever had.

The wooden cottages of the Tiamo resort have very large beds, signs asking for privacy, which are hand painted, lovely showers and beautiful mirrors. The wood that was extra after building these quaint cottages was used to make the outdoor furniture as well. This funky furniture is definitely a testament to the resorts willingness to recycle whenever possible.

While the inside of these cottages is wonderful, even better are the large porches that come along with the cottages. Although there is no air conditioning, there are fans available for cooling purposes. The heat will not be a problem though since the cottages have a design that was made to keep you cool. You can enjoy these beautiful, large porches and sit out and take in the amazing beauty of the beaches and forests around you.