Consider Switzerland for Your Next Vacation

In the middle of Europe you will find a small country, and the name of this country is Switzerland. This country is in a great position in Central Europe and it makes it easy to travel all over the area. When considering Switzerland you need to understand that there are actually three areas in the country, which are known as the Jura regions, the middle land, and the Alps. Each of these areas are very popular with tourists from around the world.

While Switzerland is a country that is neutral, is possesses a great deal of flavor. A variety of different languages are spoken here, including French, Italian, German, and Romansh. This country has developed an amazing culture and it has beautiful country that will serve to re-energize almost any traveler.

There are many different cliches that you have probably heard about including, the creamy chocolates, yodelers, and bankers without a sense of humor. While these may be parts of this culture there is much more to this small country. Believe it or not, people from this country have won more Nobel prizes than any other country in the world.

While some other European countries may have late transportation and mail services, you can enjoy trains that are on time and postal letters that are delivered quickly. The towns here are small and well organized and they are surrounded by beautiful landscapes that will thrill and amaze you.

If you are a nature lover or you want to get your exercise while you are on vacations period, you may want to go to the Lucerne’s Lake and Switzerland’s Bernese Oberland areas. Here you will find places to hike, enjoy rafting through white water, biking trails, and even some great tours if you love to be active.

February is a great month to go to Switzerland since they have their Carnival during this month. This is an enthralling time and you will enjoy amazing costumes, the sounds of drums and piccolos, an atmosphere of partying, and some interesting music played by their bands. In Basel you will find amazing parades that will have you up at 4 am in the morning, and believe it or not, you will enjoy the fun.

In the Spring, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful flower gardens that are found in the villages and also on various waterfronts as well. The springtime also brings about the open-air markets where you can purchase flowers, fruits, vegetables, and much more.

July is another great time to visit since you can enjoy the Montreux Jazz Festival on the Lac Leman waterfront. August 1st brings about their National Day, which is celebrated throughout the entire country and you will enjoy fireworks and even wrestle in some areas.

If you go to the city there are great pubs that feature outdoor seating, and there are many shops, boutiques, and even historical buildings to be explored. In November you may even get to be a part of the interesting Onion Market in Bern, which is a big event that leaves many “crying.”

No one can forget how wonderful winter can be in Switzerland. There are amazing Fairs at Christmastime in Zurich, Basel, and even Montreux. Christmas markets will be open as well and you will be able to enjoy wonderful foods, warm wines, and browsing hundreds of amazing gift ideas for Christmas.

No matter what you enjoy, more than likely you will find something that suits you in Switzerland. Why not visit this lovely country that so many have come to love.